Końćevje Rog DEM

Version 1.0, November 27, 2020

Prepared by Patrick Kennelly, Central Oregon Community College, and Tom Patterson, US NPS (retired)

Resolution (meters)


Size (height samples)

4,500 x 4,500



Zone 33

Data Source

Environmental Atlas, Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO).

Data processing

Processing involved four steps. First, using ArcGIS, we transformed the coordinate system from the Slovenian National Grid to UTM/WGS84. Next, we downsampled the resolution from 1 to 2 meters using Natural Scene Designer Pro. Then, with Natural Scene Designer Pro, we cropped the DEM and saved it in Esri ASCII GRID format. Finally, we used QGIS to convert the ASCII GRID to a GeoTIFF.

Data issues

None. Technical report (in Slovenian).


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International