Seafloor Map of Hawai‘i

Version 1.4 changes

Minor edits to one text blurb.

Version 1.3 changes

Minor edits to four text blurbs.

Version 1.2 changes

Added text blurbs about pillow lava, submarine canyons off Moloka‘i, and terrestrial vs. underwater slopes on the Big Island.

Updated text blurb in the ocean south of Kaua‘i

Repositioned Pearl Harbor and Penguin Bank text blurbs closer to their features.

Adjusted color chips in legend.

Version 1.1 changes

Renamed Hawaiian Deep as Hawaiian Trough

New seafloor feature labels:

XXHonopu Canyon
XXHalawa Canyon
XXRainier Seamount
XXPalaoa Knoll
XXKealaikahiki Knoll
XXAlika Knoll
XXCook Seamount
XXResolution Seamount
XXMalahoff Seamount
XXWalker Seamount
XXCharnell Seamount

Repositioned seafloor labels:

XXMokio Canyon
XXMcCall Seamount

Added spot depths for the new seafloor features listed above

Miscellaneous type positining tweaks