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This site started out as a resource for cartographers creating shaded relief, panoramas, land cover, and related raster art on maps. It has since grown to include my other cartographic interests and has become a repository for my maps, all of which are in the public domain.

I hope that you enjoy the site.

New stuff

Last update: April 16, 2023

2023 Mountain Trivia Challenge

I presented this quiz at the 12th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado. The best team scored 21 out of 27 possible points. Can you can beat the mountain experts?

Rebuilding Natural Earth

We are rebuilding this venerable cartographic dataset from scratch at 1:7,500,000-scale, starting with coastlines, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and Antarctic ice shelves. Preliminary data are now available for download.

Adding XYZ Tiles to MAPublisher Maps

This tutorial introduces a quick way to add satellite images and raster reference maps, available as XYZ Tiles, to Illustrator/MAPublisher documents. The imported images will register with your map regardless of which projection it uses.

Malaspina Glacier Panorama

A 3D view North America's icy heartland, the Saint Elias Mountains. It focuses on the Alaskan coast and the largest piedmont glacier on Earth. The panorama is available with and without labels.

Sentinel-2 Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to process Sentinel-2 satellite data, released by the European Space Agency for free, into beautiful natural color images. The techniques employ Geographic Imager, a GIS plugin for Photoshop.

Shaded Relief

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