Patterson Cylindrical Projection


The Patterson, a new projection designed for general-purpose mapmaking, is an alternative to other cylindrical projections (see comparisons below). It falls between the popular Miller 1, which exaggerates the size of polar areas, and the Plate Carrée, which compresses the mid latitudes. With its relatively compact 0.57 height-to-width aspect ratio, the Patterson fits nicely in printed reports, web pages, or any project needing a world map with a rectangular format.


For more information, please refer to this article published in Cartographic Perspectives (no. 78) :

Introducing the Patterson Cylindrical Projection

Developers: You can implement the Patterson projection in your software by downloading the source code at:

Java Map Projection Library

Cartographers: The Patterson projection is now offered in these applications:

ArcGIS, Flex Projector, Natural Scene Designer, and QGIS

We hope that you find our new projection useful.

Tom Patterson, US National Park Service

Bojan Šavrič, Cartography and Geovisualization Group, Oregon State University

Bernhard Jenny, Cartography and Geovisualization Group, Oregon State University


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