About the map

I created this map with High Mountain Asia elevation data at 8-meter resolution obtained from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center. These data, created primarily for scientific research, unfortunately contain voids and artifacts. Problem areas included the north side of Pumori, the ridge between Lhotse and Nuptse, and the distant ridge to the right of the title. I had to touch up these places and others by cloning and painting in Photoshop.

The map is a composite of 3D terrain, distance mask, and height mask renders created in Natural Scene Designer Pro. I enhanced rock details by applying texture shading to the steepest slopes.

A Landsat 8 image taken in June 2016 was the source of the snow and ice-covered areas at upper elevations depicted in blue-white. Dirt and rocks cover glaciers at lower elevations—a relative term in this lofty region. To better distinguish the low-elevation glaciers, I created a mask of their extents and applied a slightly darker and warmer tone to adjacent land.

Labels and elevations derive from a variety of online and printed sources. Not all of my sources were in agreement. 


Mount Everest 3D Map

Tom Patterson

Map with labels EN (4.5 MB)

Mapa con etiquetas ES (4.5 MB)

Pixel size: 5,000 W x 3,750 H

JPEG image, not georeferenced

Map without labels (4.3 MB)

Pixel size: 5,000 W x 3,750 H

JPEG image, not georeferenced

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Spanish translation by Pedro Zurita-Zaragoza