Shaded Relief


2024 Avenza User Conference: Creating the Blue Earth Bathymetry Dataset. Run time: 6:36.

2024 Mountain Trivia Challenge

I presented this quiz at the 13th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, Zakopane, Poland. The best team scored 20 out of 27 possible points. Can you do better?


"Right now is the golden age of cartography." Me chatting with Evan Applegate about mapmaking then and now. August 21, 2023. Run time: 1 hour and 12 minutes.

2023 Mountain Trivia Challenge

The quiz presented at the 12th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado. The winning team scored 21 out of 27 possible points.


2023 Avenza User Conference: Importing XYZ Tiles into MAPublisher Documents (With a Little Help from QGIS). Run time: 15 minutes.


2022 Avenza User Conference: Extreme Map Rectification with Geographic Imager. Run time: 13 minutes.  

An amazing website with a wealth of information. It offers rules and guidelines for the design and production of shaded relief, an overview of its history, examples produced by professional relief artists, technical tips, and much more.

Avenza Cartographer Chronicles

A brief article discussing my passion for cartography, the importance of map design, and using Avenza MAPublisher and Geographic Imager coupled with Adobe software for map production.

Hal Shelton Interview - Video  

Shelton was a pioneer of natural color mapping and the inspiration for creating Natural Earth. 1985 video interview. Introduction by John Wolter, Chief, Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress. Interview conducted by Thomas K. Hinckley (BYU). Produced by TV Facilities of Motion Picture Broadcasting & Recorded Sound Lab, Library of Congress. 51 minutes. Check out his beautiful landscape painting at 47:30.

Introducing the Equal Earth Projection - Video

Watch Bojan Savric and me introduce the Equal Earth projection at the 2018 NACIS conference in Norfolk, Virginia.

Changes to National Park Service Maps- Video

A report on the current status of brochure maps prepared by the US National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center. Presented at NACIS/Montréal in 2017.

Natural Scene Designer Pro 7 - Video

Watch a live demo of 3D and terrain rendering features in NSD Pro 7.0 at the 2016 NACIS conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

NASA Landsat Science - Interview

We recently spoke with National Park Service cartographer Tom Patterson about his mapmaking process and how he uses Landsat in his work.

Mountain Trivia Challenge 2018  

Take the quiz given at the 2018 ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, Hvar, Croatia. It's tough. The best team scored 17.25 out of 22 possible points.

Mountain Trivia Challenge 2016

I gave this quiz at the 2016 ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, Berchtesdgaden Alps, Germany. The two best teams at the workshop managed to score 16 out of 22 possible points. Can you can beat the mountain experts?

Putting Interpretation on the Map - Interview

Excerpted from: Putting Interpretation on the Map: An Interpretive Approach to Geography, Heidi Bailey, 2009, pp. 59-60.

Add Vertex - Adobe Illustrator Script

A free script for Adobe Illustrator that adds vertices (anchor points) to lines and area polygons based on a maximum distance spacing that the user defines. Add Vertex used in conjunction with MAPublisher enables the export of Adobe Illustrator maps made with Bézier curves as shapefiles for use in GIS software.

Proceedings - 2002 ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop

Abstracts, papers, and presentations from the 2002 Workshop held 1,829 meters/6,000 feet above sea level on the volcanic slopes of Mt. Hood, Oregon. The workshop, which is held biannually, covers all topics related to mountain mapping, including shaded relief and 3D mapping

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